I live in Indiana and serve the Midwest area. I also really enjoy my traveling work. Do you have a lake wedding? Ocean spring break senior photos? Sedona elopement? Just drop a note! 

I've been married for 16 years and have four kids. I know that there are some days that it just takes a lot of work to be committed, kind, and full of joy. I know that family pictures or wedding pictures can be stressful. My main goal is to help everyone relax, have fun and just enjoy the experience. I your final images to reflect the radiant love you already have for each other!

believer, wife, mom & photographer

I'm a believer, wife, mom & photographer who

Meet Jenna

Many moons ago...

I married my brother's roommate (much to my brothers chagrin). We've been married now for 15 years. We have four kids who we love but they tend to drive us bonkers. We are (and by we I mean mostly me) going on 8 years of homeschooling them. In general if I had to sum myself up (without using bullet points), I'd say I like to make people laugh, I'm outgoing, a seven if you are an enneagram person, and a very inspired person but lacking in motivation. I tend to dream big and achieve moderately and I'm ok with that. As far as my non-photographer side, I love home design but kill every green plant I touch. Pinterest is still my best friend and I feel so inspired each time I go down that rabbit hole. I have an amazing community of Christians that I do life with here. I haven't met many people that don't love to travel, but I really love water so visiting anywhere with a beach, river, lake, glacier, or even a swimming pool is fantastic. Photography is a skill and a passion I've acquired but like a good onion... I've got a lot of layers. 


01. Salsa & Chips

03. The Holiday (movie)

02. Frank Sinatra & Company

04. Travel Shopping

- Ethan & Caitlin

Jenna came out to an outdoor wedding on a cold, rainy day and put up with the wind and chill and mud to take photos of our special day. Despite the cold, she was warm and personable and took the most amazing photos. She really captured who we are and what we wanted our marriage to represent. So thankful for her every time I look at those pictures!

"Warm and Personable."

- Dan & Jill

Jenna was our wedding photographer. Not only was she relaxed, fun, and sweet - but the final product was amazing. We were completely blown away by the photos. We are so glad we found her and would highly recommend her services!

"Completely Blown Away!"

- David & Sierra

Booking Jenna to take our engagement and wedding pictures was one of the best decisions we made! She made us feel at ease in front of the camera and captured us perfectly as a couple. Excellent photos and a pleasure to work with!

"Made us feel at ease."

- Adam & Beth

One of the MOST talented photographers I have ever meet! She has a great eye for that perfect photo angle, ability to work well with young children, keen sense of style, and who is able to make your photo vision a reality. We love working with Jenna!

"Makes Vision into Reality"

Kind Words